The most in-demand degrees and careers in UK

13th Jun 2019

Whether you are graduating university this year, or just taking your first course, the  UK Job Outlook is improving across all sectors with a few standing out among the rest. Careers in the tech industry and health sectors are becoming more popular with new grads, yet many of the open positions in these fields usually require an unpaid internship or the starting pay is quite low. The business and administration sector, however, has a wide range of career options for new grads that pay above average and offer many of the benefits that new grads are looking for.


Top Degrees For Students Attending University 


If you are planning to attend uni this year but aren’t sure just yet what degree program to choose, take a look at the following list of top degrees  and associated careers.

  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Communications Including Public Relations And Advertising
  • Arts, Humanities, And Liberal Arts
  • Science
  • Data Analytics
  • Education
  • Social Science
  • Health Science
  • Agriculture And Natural Resources

Business and Administration Jobs Are in High Demand

As we mentioned earlier, careers in the business and administration sector are a popular choice among new grads due to the high availability of open positions. Let’s take a look at some business and administration jobs that are in high demand for 2019/2020:

5 High-Demand Jobs In Business And Administration

Accountant- with the myriad of new financial laws and regulations here in the UK as the result of Brexit, the need for qualified accountants is growing at an alarmingly high rate. Accountants prepare financial statements, document the financial operations of a business, maintain accurate records, calculate taxes owed and much more. Average median salary for an accountant: £62, 168

Market Research Analyst- a market research analyst researches consumer data and demographics to understand their shopping behaviour. This enables businesses to create more effective marketing campaigns. Average median salary for a market research analyst: £55,968

Medical Secretary- combining both the medical industry and the business and administration sector, a medical secretary has a wide range of administrative support tasks including maintaining medical charts, scheduling appointments, and billing patients. Average median salary for a medical secretary: £29,254

Management Analyst- there are many opportunities in this field for advancement and those with experience in business management, accounting or marketing are in greater demand. Management analysts examine a company's finances and look for ways to make that company more efficient and profitable. Average median salary for a management analyst: £74,449

Financial Manager- financial managers analyse and manage the financial aspects of a business. By researching market trends, they can look for ways to increase profits and grow the business.

Average salary: £115,810

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