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Job Search Place is designed to connect recruiters with a dynamic workforce from the UK and further afield. Focusing on highly skilled, qualified and experienced individuals, Job Search Place has an exceptional track record when matching candidates to highly specialised or niche roles. We work with recruiters from all industries and sectors including healthcare, science and technology, education and IT.

Our job search and application system takes a lot of the hassle out of the employment process, we match individuals to roles from profiles information, everything is arranged conveniently and easily accessible from the recruiter dashboard. Job Search Place is leading the way when it comes to employment in precarious and shifting job markets.

Recruiters are facing new challenges in the face of changing UK and European relations. Normal employment practice is shifting as visas become hard-come-by and migration becomes more difficult, employers are looking to new and innovative forms of recruitment to tackle current and impending problems.

Job Search Place has grasped this changing job landscape and is acting now to facilitate new relationships between employers and prospective employees with multiple skill sets to fill highly experienced and qualified roles across multiple sectors. Job Search Place combines excellent career knowledge across existing and developing sectors with a state-of-the-art job search and posting system which allows employers and recruiters to connect to each other seamlessly.

Recruiters often wonder if the right candidate is out there for employment. In past decades, most recruiters usually posted job openings the traditional way, which involved magazines and newspapers.

The conventional system of advertising is quite slow and costly, with a higher chance of generating low conversions. However, at Job Search Place, we offer a top-notch system of advertising that allows for multiple engagements and conversions.

With our advertising expertise, recruiters don’t need to strive for qualified candidates as we have a well-structured system that brings the best talents to recruiters. Let’s look at the numerous ways by which we make this happen.

As a recruiter or a job seeker, you can create a profile with us, quickly and easily. The profile is used to help us understand more about you, which allows us to make the most appropriate matches.

Setting up a Profile as a Recruiter

As a recruiter, you should complete the profile with as much information as possible about your company, including the size, type of company, and any other relevant information about your culture etc. Your profile will allow us to match you with the right candidates, whenever you post a job. Job seekers often sign up for job alerts and this allows us to ensure we contact the right candidates about your opportunities. This will help ensure you make the right match.

Employ the right candidates with Job Search Place

To employ the right candidates, recruiters need the professional assistance of a reputable job search that has a database of qualified candidates with the required skills to handle the positions or jobs in question.

If you’re looking for such a Jobsite, then Job Search Place is your best bet as we have an extensive database of highly-skilled job seekers that aren’t limited by location or distance. Regardless of where you’re looking to recruit from, Job Search Place has got you covered with the information and demographics of skilled and qualified job seekers across the globe. We exist to ensure that your business or company doesn’t suffer from a shortage of skills.

On the plus side, qualified job seekers can fulfil their career aspirations with suitable vacancies on our platform. Migrants who are looking to work in their dream country can also harness our platform to achieve their career ambitions. How about you give us a shot today? Trust us; you will be glad you did!

Have a wider reach

Using a recruitment agency can be somewhat restrictive as you may not get the engagements or conversions you expect. Leveraging our job searchgives you complete access to qualified candidates as we’ve taken the difficulty out of the process by having a database of CVs and applicants you can scan through. Owing to the massive number of job seekers that flock our platform daily, you have a large pool of talent to draw from, raising engagements and conversion tendencies.

Also, we sometimes send out automated notifications to job seekers who have signed up on our platform. This single feature gets you a step closer to your recruitment goals as these job candidates are monitored and followed up with these notifications.

Better reporting

This gives you tremendous leverage as regards knowing where the best talents are coming from. We have an advertising tool that allows you to monitor your recruitment campaign. With this knowledge, you can optimise the strategies you use to source or attract candidates.

Faster hiring

Harnessing our platform for advertising gives you a very high tendency to have exponential results as regards conversions and engagements. This single feature allows for faster recruitment, and also, your job post will be directed to candidates with matching skills. Given our immense database of candidates, you have the assurance to quickly find two or more applicants who are a good fit for the vacancy in your company.

With the solutions we proffer, your business doesn’t have to lag as multiple applicants are more than likely to take action on your job post ads once it kicks off.

Get more value for your money

As compared to other recruitment websites, we strive to offer excess values at no extra cost. Our services certainly exceed any prior advertising investment you make as we ensure that numerous qualified candidates see your post. With the expertise you’d be getting from these candidates, you can anticipate a considerable return on investment on your advertising expenses.

Easy to use

We operate an easy-to-use platform, which means that you can start receiving applications once your job post starts getting advertised. Our online job search platform also allows you to manage your vacancy advertising campaigns seamlessly as you get to track application activities. At every given time, you would be able to monitor how your campaigns are converting.

Gain awareness

Asides from getting qualified candidates for your company, advertising job vacancies on our online recruitment agency also gives your business tremendous recognition. This is a proven and ethical way to let prospects know about your business.

Health Recruiters

Are you looking to recruit individuals for healthcare roles? From clinical work and primary care to management, diagnostics, admin and research, Job Search Place has considerable experience in matching candidates to jobs in the UK and jobs internationally. Job Search Place understands the rapidly changing demands of the UK healthcare job market, we combine experience with our state-of-the-art job search and matching process to link individuals to specialised hard-to-fill roles across all healthcare sectors and industries

Educational Recruiters

Schools and universities are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to expand their workforce. Job Search Place links educational employers with our diverse array of candidates to offer a dynamic set of skill sets to accommodate any job role. We understand the changing demands of the educational industry, no required skill set lies beyond our scope.

Science and Technology Recruiters

The science and tech industries are perhaps the most complex, host to many incredibly niche roles including highly specialised one-of-a-kind type roles which are often extremely hard to find matches for. Job Search Place understands the complexity of the science and tech industry, this is an industry which is developing all the time with the development of new technology like AI and machine learning, automation, etc. Job Search Place are specialists in matching recruiters with hard to find specialists across many science and tech industries.

IT Recruiters

The IT sector is huge, IT forms a component of virtually every business and thus, IT professionals of varying kinds are always in high demand. Despite massive demand, it can be difficult to locate experienced and highly skilled individuals for niche roles and projects. Job Search Place has considerable experience in working with the IT sector, our online job search system provides recruiters with an excellent way of accessing prospective IT employees from the UK and further afield.

If you’re looking to recruit, Job Search Place offers an innovative platform by which to advertise your job roles. Contact us with your recruitment needs today.

Finance Recruiters

The UK has a particularly strong financial sector but as employment relationships become strained with Europe, recruiters are looking for new talents to support this strong sector. Job Search Place has a strong grasp of what might happen to the finance sector post-Brexit, we’re dedicated to linking finance recruiters with specialised, talented and skilled individuals. Our knowledge of the field combined with our state-of-the-art job search means we can effectively source the best individuals internationally to join one of the UK’s strongest sectors.

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If you are looking to advertise your jobs and reach a worldwide audience, Job Search Place can help you achieve great results. We have supported a range of candidates with their job search and we make the process as simple as possible, so you can have your job advertised in minutes. Register for a recruiter account, fill out your details and you’ll soon have applications from highly qualified candidates in your inbox.

We understand the difficulties businesses face when trying to find suitable candidates, which is why we only market the roles to candidates who are suitably qualified for the roles. This saves you the time and hassle of sifting through irrelevant applications. We work with businesses, agencies and advertising agencies within a range of sectors, including engineering, consultancy, administration, teaching and many more.

We make great matches between candidates and recruiters, which is why we are the only job board for many of our customers. With the connection made, you can focus on building your business with the very best talent.

You will receive job alerts straight to your inbox and you can log in and out quickly and easily, whenever you want to check your applications. If you have any questions about advertising with us, you can take a look at our FAQ’s or feel free to drop us a line and we will get straight back to you. You can also subscribe to our e-newsletters, if you’d like to find out about any upcoming news and offers.

Sign up to advertise your vacancies today, and we will look forward to supporting your business today!

Create a profile

If you don’t have a vacancy right now, but you want to set up for your future recruitment requirements, you can head over to the create a profile page. This is where you can tell us more about your business – what you do, what your needs are and then just log back in whenever you have a vacancy to fill.

Start hiring today

If you have vacancies you are currently recruiting for, you can post a job straight away, and candidates will start applying. We will also send a job alert to any relevant candidates to let them know about your opportunity. This will help ensure no-one who fits the bill will miss out on the role, and you will fill your vacancy more quickly! We hope to be the only job board you need to fill any and all of your requirements.