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Open the door to professional opportunity

Welcome to the Sell Yourself Club – the first step to your future success.

The Sell Yourself Club is the place for candidates to launch their professional profile so that relevant employers can find them. Find a job your way. It’s also the place for employers to learn more about individual candidates and find their right fit.

Job Search Place provides a simple and straight-forward way for candidates to collate their information in to a Candidate Profile which sells.

This is the fastest way, as a candidate, to get noticed on Job Search Place.

How do I sell myself?

We know you’ve got the skills and qualifications, let’s help you sell yourself. We provide a form process with easy drop down options to create your unique profile. Unlike on many job boards, at Job Search Place you can determine a truly individual profile which lists the important qualities needed in your niche professional sector including:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Achievements

You also benefit from the ability to refine sectors, job titles, salary expectations and whether you are looking for long-term, temporary, part-time or full-time contracts. For example, this is where you identify if you are looking for science jobs, accounting jobs, IT and communications jobs or any other graduate jobs, internship jobs, and professional roles. If you’re looking to get in to an international career, this is your springboard.

Furthermore, using the Sell Yourself Club you can edit your profile in your own words, selling yourself in the way your profession dictates.

Our top tips

Research shows us that you have just 90 seconds to cement that first impression. That first impression has to count, whether it’s as you walk through the door for an interview, or the moment a potential employer clicks on your profile.

We want you to refine your search so that you find your ideal opportunity with ease. We recommend that you are as specific as possible within your profile form. We recommend that you list specific industries you are interested in and pay special attention to specialised areas. For example, try to use phrases which are highly relevant to you, such as ‘teaching jobs’, ‘international jobs’ or ‘science and technology jobs’.

We really recommend that you come back and refine your profile over time. As you use Job Search Place and become familiar with how we work, you will want to make changes. Ask others to read your profile for you. Aim to show your passion and enthusiasm for what you do.

You can use Job Search Place to search for particular employers, recruiters and different companies. You can search for your ideal job description or job sector such as ‘engineering jobs’. Similarly, ensure that you back up your profile with facts – be specific.

Remember, your profile is all about selling yourself. Take time and care to present yourself for that perfect first impression. We recommend using videos and pictures to make your profile stand out from the crowd. Think about how you would present yourself in person at interview and bring this approach to your profile here.

How can employers use this page?

The profiles of candidates can be viewed in an interactive way. This is your opportunity to learn more about potential candidates in an easy and efficient way. By learning more about a candidate than what is put in a CV you can uncover their aspirations, screen them for the qualities which are important to you, and ensure neither you nor the candidate waste time.

Instead, by browsing individual profiles you can hold discussions with candidates in an easy going environment, ensuring that when applications are made, and interviews arranged, you’re already a long way through the screening process. The goal is to enable you to find the right candidate, not the one you are accustomed to settling for due to your professional niche.

These online interactions help you ascertain potential candidates of genuine worth in a way that the simple reading of a CV or application form can’t.

Importantly, remember that this process will reduce the number of candidates. However, what it does is improves the calibre and match of the candidates available to you. You don’t need an enormous pool of candidates; you just need to find that specific candidate who ticks all your boxes. In this way you save time and identify the ideal candidate quickly.

This is also your opportunity to sell yourself as a professional employer of choice.

Innovative recruitment

The Sell Yourself Club is an innovative solution to the complexities of a global recruitment marketplace with a diverse and highly-populated talent pool. By enabling discussion and authentic interactions between candidates and recruiters we enable both parties to locate their next opportunity with minimal fuss or wasted effort.

Find out more about how we are enabling employers and candidates to do things differently in the professional space by reading Our Mission.

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