How it works

Make the most of your opportunity

Job Search Place brings together many of the good elements of online job websites whilst adapting and refining our process to work more appropriately for international professional recruitment.

How it works for employers and recruiters

Employers and recruiters, from the UK or overseas, can use Job Search Place to source their talent. You do this by posting a job description tailored to your current vacancies within the geographical area where your talent resides.

In addition, you can choose to make use of our featuring function, increasing your visibility and attracting a greater number of highly qualified job seekers to your advert.

Our innovatively constructed platform uses unique processes to ensure that we achieve a high success rate matching employers with suitable candidates whether that’s for internship jobs, international jobs or even online courses. This ensures that you don’t have to waste your time wading through piles of applications and CVs in order to identify qualified candidates. Instead, they are quickly and easily brought to your attention.

Your job listings

It is worth investing time in the careful construction of accurate listings. This will ensure the candidate search is more accurate, efficient, and takes less time overall.

Take care to word duties, responsibilities and job requirements in a straight-forward way without individual company jargon. It can be useful here to use distinct phrases relevant to what you are searching for. For example, you may be looking for candidates for IT jobs, healthcare and medical jobs, or academic jobs. Use the relevant phrasing.

Make sure you clearly list the attributes, skills and qualifications of your ideal candidate. The more information you provide, and the clearer it is, the more likely you will be to not receive unsuitable applications, but to receive a few high-calibre high-match options which represent the choice you need.

How to create a job listing

We recommend you follow our guidelines below when listing a job on Job Search Place.

Headline: Take care to construct a headline which incorporates a clear job titles. The primary search function matches job listings with options chosen by candidates. Therefore, by ensuring you have a simple and clear and distinct headline you will enable candidates to find you easily, and sets you apart from other listings.

Job Information: Be explicit in terms of the major duties and responsibilities of the job. Outline the typical tasks in a bullet point style. At this stage you should also include some key information about the job. For example, are you offering any free online courses? List location, such as Jobs in London, or specify if the roles you are offering are specific internship jobs.

Company information: Often professionally qualified individuals will seek their new position by searching for a specific company, or company type. Use this section to outline who you are and what you do. This is particularly important for candidates searching for international careers as it helps to paint a more accurate impression.

Qualifications and hiring specifications: This section is your opportunity to specify the specific experience levels and qualifications needed for the role. Levels of educations and professional qualifications should be listed here. For example, for legal jobs you will need to list relevant legal qualifications. In addition, list relevant skills and attributes that you need to identify in potential candidates. A good example is with executive jobs make sure you list the amount of experience you want to see.

Content: Within the content section you’ll be able to provide more detail about the job, opportunity and who you are as a company. We usually find that this is where employers and recruiters fall down. Therefore follow these tips:

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and sweet. Bullet points are ideal.
  • Use headings and sub-headings e.g. ‘Media jobs’
  • Use bold and italics.
  • Create a distinct section for How to Apply and your contact details.
  • Make salary and benefits clearly positioned, even if you don’t wish to publicise precise figures.

How it works for candidates

When you want to find a job then we highly recommend you use the Sell Yourself Club. You can use this to increase your visibility to recruiters of the right type by highlighting your qualifications and achievements.

Uploading your CV is possible here. You can also use photos, attachments and even videos to make your candidate profile stand out from the crowd.

You can also browse vacancies and online courses (including free online courses) within the relevant sector niche (e.g. finance jobs, charity jobs or education jobs) as well as by job location and type (e.g. international vacancies, jobs in London, or graduate jobs). You can also search by position details (e.g. part-time jobs or temporary work).

The important difference with Job Search Place is that you choose your next step. You’re in control of moving in to international careers or identifying the employer where you see your future. You aren’t a passive candidate being swept along.

Whether creating a profile within the Sell Yourself Club or searching to find a job, make sure you use highly relevant keywords. For example, if you are searching for marketing jobs we recommend you use industry specific keywords relating to marketing within your CV, profile and search terms. This enables our algorithms and advanced search tools to match you and employers with greater relevancy and efficiency.

Once you have found a job listing which you believe is ideal for you, go back to your CV and profile and tweak it to contain the same keywords the employer is using. For example, if the employer uses the term ‘technology jobs’ or ‘attention to detail’ then edit your CV and profile to match closely to theirs.

Why subscribe to newsletters

Having identified ideal potential employers, whether for international jobs, accounting jobs in London, or whatever role is relevant to you, subscribe to their newsletters. Through this you will be able to identify many relevant searchable keywords which you can then use within your CV and candidate profile. For example, if they use the term ‘IT and communications jobs’ then you should do the same. This will pull you to the top of their search results.

Research matters

The task of finding a job can be time consuming. However, at Job Search Place we work to ensure that your time is only ever well spent, refining opportunities rather than jumping through unnecessary hoops.

By spending some time refining your CV and candidate profile in the Sell Yourself Club then you will be able to find a job which is ideal with efficiency and ease.

This also helps in terms of searching for jobs using skills or attributes, rather than attempting to search by job titles alone. Do your research to know what’s important to you and what’s important to a potential employer, then your search will be more effective.

Use job alerts

We also really recommend that you subscribe to our Job Alerts. This will ensure that you hear about relevant jobs immediately when they are listed. The new listing will be sent direct to your inbox, saving you from having to check back frequently for new listings.

This function is suitable for all jobs globally. For example, you could set alerts to notify you of relevant jobs in London or international vacancies.

Benefit from careers advice

Use our regularly updated blog to find important and relevant information about professional jobs and international jobs, as well as information about how to develop as a candidate. Here you’ll find everything you need to know from how to prepare your CV for professional employers through to how to access free online courses and more.

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We care about your privacy as you find a job. Make sure you use our confidential settings. By using Job Search Place as the platform for discussions with potential employers, you do not need to use identifying contact information until you are ready.