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Are you a qualified professional ready to find a job to make your next career move? Or, are you a company searching for a qualified candidate?

At Qualified Place, we bring you together. In our jobs sections you can search for  Online Jobs in UK, Jobs in Europe and International Jobs. You can browse our listings by sector (e.g. IT and communications jobs or engineering jobs), company (e.g. NHS) and country (e.g. UK, Russia or Turkey). As an employer, you can post jobs in the geographical area you wish to recruit from as well as to.

Current Job Vacancies

Within the areas of skills shortages, the opportunities are widespread. In engineering, we are typically finding vacancies throughout process and design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, quality and assurance and chemical engineering. Job opportunities in ICT include, software developers, web design and database administrators. There are severe shortages in the healthcare sector, including doctors, nurses, dieticians, intensive care practitioners. Obviously, these occupations are vital for our economy and welfare, so severe skills shortages could lead to a worldwide crisis. We believe that through working together with businesses and candidates, we can find a solution and help to build a more stable and brighter future for our economy.

Our platform is divided by three distinct locations: Jobs in the UK, Jobs in Europe and International Jobs.

In our Jobs in the UK section you can find, post and advertise jobs within the United Kingdom. Remember, you do not need to be in the UK to apply for these positions. The jobs listed on the UK page are located in the UK, for example jobs in London or recruiting candidates from the UK.
In our Jobs in Europe section you can find, post and advertise jobs within Europe including the UK. You do not need to be based in Europe to apply for these jobs, focus on whether your qualifications match the listings.

This section is for all positions based outside of the UK or Europe and jobs are displayed by country. You can apply for these jobs from wherever you are in the world, as long as you are appropriately qualified and skilled.

If you are a recruiter or employer looking to fill international vacancies or domestic vacancies, then get started by using the Post a Job feature. This is where you can advertise a specific role. Visit How it Works for more advice on how to get the most from your listing. In the Post a Job feature you can list the relevant qualifications and attributes.

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