How are we unique?

When it comes to finding a job or recruiting staff, we know there are plenty of options out there – we know we’re not the only job board, but we do believe we are different.

Local Jobs – we focus entirely on local jobs. We’re here to help build the local community and support both job seekers and recruiters. Supporting the local community is what we do best, and our focus on this makes us truly unique.

Flexible Opportunities – we are not focused on just one specific sector, we cater for job seekers in a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, events, IT and teaching. The vacancies we have for job seekers suit a wide range of circumstances, including those who are studying and need a part time job, job seekers with childcare responsibilities and job seekers looking for a second income. Our flexibility in the opportunities we offer makes us stand out in the market.

Expertise – we are experienced in recruitment and understand the needs of both recruiters and job seekers. This puts us in a good position to offer a unique platform which enables us to help you achieve your goals. You can find more out more on our about us page.

Community Driven – there aren’t many job boards out there which are completely committed to the community, and this is what we provide at My Nearest Jobs. We want to help local people find jobs within their community, in an easy one-stop platform. We aim to save job seekers the hassle of trying to source local jobs via a multitude of different website. We also want to help employers source local talent and help the local community thrive as a result. The job board offers many benefits to recruiters  and job seekers.

Easy to use – the fact that we only provide jobs in local areas makes the platform easier to use than many others. You don’t have the hassle of trying to find a needle in a haystack! We have also aimed to make the platform as easy as possible to navigate around, and we are always on hand if you need support with any part of it. Whether it’s posting a job, creating a profile or any other objective you may have.

Focused on your goals – we aim to build relationships with job seekers and recruiters, and we achieve this by offering an exceptional service. We are not just any job board, we are focused on helping you achieve your goals, and we aim to be the only place you consider when you have a new opportunity or you’re looking for a new role.

Recruiters and Job Seekers – we are unique because of the recruiters and job seekers who use our platform. We believe that each and every one has something different and amazing to offer. The uniqueness of our recruiters and job seekers combines to make us unique too!