Tips For Finding A Job

08th Jul 2019

The way our parents and grandparents went about their job search is far different than the way it is done today. Back then, you had to search through the limited selection of jobs advertised in the local newspaper, visit each company in person to apply for a position, return to the company for a first, then a second interview, and you might still be passed over for someone more qualified or more likable. This meant starting the process all over again in hopes that the next job would be ‘the one’. We have it much easier today. With online job boards, social media and Facetime, you can find a job, apply for the job, interview and get hired all from the comfort of your living room. Job hunting in 2019 is much more efficient but some job seekers still struggle to find a job they like.

If you are serious about finding a new job, keep reading for some useful tips from Job Search Place that will help you do just that!

5 Tips For Finding A Job 

Don’t Put It Off- if you want to find a new job, don’t procrastinate, start looking now. Don’t stop looking until you have found a job that suits your interests and abilities.

Decide What type of job you want- just looking for a job, any job, is not enough today. Find the job that is right for you and instead of constantly searching for another, you can build on that job and work your way up the corporate ladder.

Create Your CV- create a professional looking CV that can highlight your skills and abilities while creating a positive impression on the hiring manager.

Do Your Research- always research a company before applying for a job with them to ensure that they are focused on the same goals and ideas as you. This will also make you seem more knowledgeable during the initial and second interviews.

Use An Online Job Search Platform- an online job board lists thousands of jobs both locally and internationally making it easier than ever to find a new career that is right for you. You can sign up with one and instantly begin your career search.

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