How to Impress Your Manager

10th Jun 2020

If you want to succeed in your job, you need to be able to impress your manager. After all, they are likely to be the person who can make or break your career. If you do well in your job, it also reflects favourably on the manager, which is why they will be more likely to push for you to get new opportunities within the business.

Not sure how to impress your manager? These are some ways you can win them over.

Get on With Your Job

Ultimately, your manager wants to hire someone who gets their head down and does their work, without needing constant assistance. The main way you will impress your manager is to do your job – and do it well. They don’t expect you to never come up for breath, but they want to see that you have high levels of productivity.

Positive Attitude

There is nothing worse than someone who turns up to work with a negative attitude – day in and day out. Your manager will be more impressed with you if you come into work with a positive attitude, and ready to take on the day. If you can lift the spirits of your team, and make everyone feel good, this will go a long way to making your manager happy. There may be things you are not happy about in the workplace, but don’t let it spill over in your day to day attitude.

Support Your Manager

You are not expected to run about after your manager, but if you can support them when they need it, you will be looked at more favourably. For example, offering to attend meetings with them or on their behalf if you see that they have a lot on their plate, offering to stay late if the workload is high and generally being on hand for support.


Take time to get to know more about your manager, ask them about their weekend, talk to them about their family and show a general interest in them. Sometimes managers feel that they are out the loop, and it can be nice just to show an interest in their personal life.

Show Initiative

Managers want to hire people who won’t just do the job they are asked but will also show initiative and come up with ideas for improving the day to day business. Your manager will be impressed if you are someone who will look for ways to solve problems, rather than creating them.


A reliable person is like gold dust to a manager. If you are someone who arrives at work on time, hardly takes any sick days, and delivers on their promises, your manager will be willing to go the extra mile to support you.

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