How to find jobs in the UK for foreigners

27th Jul 2021

Searching for jobs in the UK can prove difficult for those who have recently moved to the country, this article will provide you with information that will help you. Not being aware of things like geographical areas or cultural expectations can put those from outside at a disadvantage. If you are a new resident of the country or have been moved here by your family you may need to find the latest  job vacancies in the UK. Locating jobs in the UK is not as hard as it sounds. Thanks to the internet and tools like UK job boards, finding available opportunities can be done directly from a computer, laptop, or even from a mobile device. For detailed visa information visit Gov.UK 

Immigration requirements

Finding a suitable job in the UK not only means that you will need the necessary skills, but you will also need to satisfy immigration requirements. You will need to make sure that you have all the necessary documentation so you may legally work in the UK. You will need to provide a work permit or a visa to prove eligibility. In some cases, if you have special skills an employer may sponsor you to gain your working rights, providing you with a certificate of sponsorship.

It should be noted that depending on the type of visa you have, it may not automatically allow you to work in the UK. In this instance, a work permit will need to be obtained. You will need to have all your documentation in order and be eligible to work in the UK before beginning your job search.

Search job boards

Locating viable opportunities is made easier as UK job boards offer a way to search, filter, and instantly send applications to jobs that are suitable for those that have recently arrived in the country. Depending on your skillset, a UK job site will help you find entry-level opportunities all the way up to executive or C-level openings. Creating a profile will help you to apply for jobs even faster as your information can be stored and accessed in just a couple of mouse clicks from the UK job board.

Use CV and job alert tools

In addition, many UK job boards allow you to upload your CV. Managers seeking candidates for their vacancies in the UK can search CVs to locate and contacts any people that they deem suitable for the position. This can be helpful if you have the necessary skills but may not be proficient enough in England to write a cover letter. Managers can browse or search CVs and reach out to qualified candidates directly. 

Another helpful feature of UK job boards is the ability to create job alerts. These will instantly inform you of the latest listings within your job category and allow you to apply instantly. Once alerts have been set up they give the advantage of being able to respond to opportunities quickly. This time-saving feature will send only the jobs in the UK that are relevant and match your search parameters. 

Skills and career advice

As well as being to access the latest jobs, UK job boards also provide much in the way of career advice. For people from outside the country, this can be a valuable resource that provides information about how to apply for jobs, write a CV, create a cover letter, and many other useful tips. Using these resources will help to provide some insight into the job search process and help you to improve your applications. 

Finding vacancies in the UK means that you will need to have the correct skills to align with the job that you are seeking. If there are gaps in your knowledge then many UK job sites include courses and training seminars that you can use to broaden your skillset. Any courses that you complete or certifications that you earn should be included on your CV to demonstrate your ongoing commitment to self-improvement. 


Depending on the industry you wish to work in, competition can be fierce, so using online tools to assist your search will help you respond to opportunities quickly and in the correct way. While finding a job in a foreign country is not always an easy task, the tools and assistance provided by many UK job boards will make looking for jobs in the UK a much simpler and straightforward process.