How to find a job in the UK with no experience

01st Sep 2021

How to find a job in the UK with no experience

One of the biggest challenges for recent graduates is finding jobs in the UK that are a suitable match for your recent education this article will help you with your search.

While acquiring a degree is commendable it can still be tough to break into the job market. Jobs in the UK can be highly competitive and as you will be graduating with hundreds of other students that all have the same degree, getting the job you want might not be easy. Many employers are seeking candidates not only with a degree but who also have a number of years of work experience in the position they are recruiting for. If you have spent your last few years dedicated to your studies, you may not have been able to acquire experience, leaving you at a disadvantage. 

Look for graduate programs

Employers understand the value of newly qualified candidates, knowing that you have studied the base skills and are keen to apply them many companies invest time and money in hiring recent graduates. If you are looking for jobs in the UK there are a number of opportunities you can take advantage of. 

Large corporations frequently have a specialised graduate program and opportunities can be found on UK job sites. Look for graduate jobs in your field and apply using online tools to provide your information to the HR department or recruiter. Applying to graduate jobs may require a more detailed cover letter and attention to academic achievements than the typical application. 

Use job sites

For graduates seeking employment, jobs in the UK can be located by using dedicated job sites or job boards and using the tools provided. There is also the National Careers Service  that  often have career advice and information about  job profiles and opportunities in the UK.

UK job site can be used to locate jobs in the country close to your area and filter other important criteria like salary or required skills. If a job seems to be a good fit but doesn’t specify it is a graduate position it can still be worth applying, many businesses will consider an application from a recent grad even if they are not actively looking for them.

Be selective 

Finding the right graduate job is just as important as looking for any other job, the position you accept will be the beginning of your post-graduate career, so finding the right opportunity is important. While it can be tempting to accept any of the graduate jobs that come along, you should stay true to your goals and carefully consider any offers you receive

Accepting a position that does not align well with your field of study may not be the best course of action. What might be a short-term solution may not serve you best in the future so it is advisable to consider your long-term goals to avoid making any costly mistakes. 

Expand your search

Even though the tendency can be to look for a job close to home, many opportunities can be found in another city or region. This is especially true if you live in a more rural area or somewhere that may face economic challenges. If this is the case, finding graduate jobs may prove more fruitful by searching further afield.

Jobs in the UK can often be concentrated in more populated cities like London or Manchester. If you are prepared to relocate for your career then use online job search features to locate graduate jobs in different cities. Use a UK job site to search and filter opportunities that are suitable for your field, then apply quickly to be considered as a candidate. 


Using these tips combined with online job search tools will help you to narrow your search and identify viable graduate jobs. Being flexible in terms of location can help you win a place on a graduate program from well-known companies and organisations. As a starting point for your career, these graduate jobs can help to form a solid basis for your future career progression.