How job seekers can use Job Search Place effectively?

07th Jun 2022

Registeryour job seeker account with us and access all of Job Search Place’s great search features. Signing up takes just a couple of minutes and is completely free.

As soon as your account is active you will be able to access all job search and platform features to help you find a job online.

Registered users can upload a CV to our portal so your information can be found easily by recruiters and employers searching for top job seekers.

Showcase work experience, skills, employment history, and qualifications easily.

Hiring managers may search posted CVs by specific criteria and review returned job seekers for job suitability. Job seekers can be contacted by recruiters directly to schedule an interview or request more information.

Registering an account with our Job Search Place also provides access to a host of other great features like online interviews, job alerts, jobs near me, and direct recruiter contact to help you in your job search, and our newly introduced job videos for freelance or gig style jobs.

Job seekers can upload their video to pitch for smaller jobs and be contacted instantly through our job search site by employers seeking assistance with their tasks. This allows job seekers an additional resource to find work and generate revenue streams.