6 CV Writing Tips UK for Job Search

19th Jun 2021

A CV summarises your personal background, professional experience, education and skills and a well written CV is crucial when applying online because you can outline your accomplishments, certifications and career objectives. If you are trying to find a new career and are about to create your personal CV, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind: 

6 CV Writing Tips 

1. Keep It Concise And Clear- recruitment staff won’t read your CV in detail. They need to process hundreds of CV’s and they only have about 30 seconds to skim each one. Review your CV repeatedly to make sure that it stands out and that you have proper qualifications for the offered position. 

2. Proofread Frequently- even if you are careful, there will always be grammatical and spelling mistakes. Proofread your CV and ask someone else to read your CV over. Just a minor spelling mistake can give a negative impression and having more than a couple of mistakes could prevent you from getting the job. 

3. Optimize For The Offered Position- you should tailor your CV to match the position you are looking for. Emphasise any skills, achievements and experience that are relevant to the position. Fully understand the job description, so you know what’s required. 

4. Emphasise Your Accomplishments- you need to identify any skills you have that employers consider valuable. Your accomplishments should signify how you performed in your past roles. This will also demonstrate what type of employee you will be. The accomplishment section should be placed just after the Work Experience section. If possible, you should quantify your accomplishments. With firm numbers and values, employers will have better understanding about your past accomplishment. 

5. Use Active Sentences And Simple Words- active sentences include straightforward and simple words that are easy to understand. It is likely that recruiters are not familiar with your technical expertise or specific field. Other than using plain and simple language, you need to be persuasive as well. 

6. Double Check Your Personal Data And Contact Information- your contact information should contain names, home addresses, phone numbers, emails and LinkedIn accounts. Make sure that these details are shown prominently. If it’s harder for recruiters to find your contact number, they may not bother to contact you at all, because they need to process hundreds of other applications as well. 

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